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The Pratter Story

As an experienced, practicing MD, and as the owner of a physician billing company, I have watched the prices that we pay for health care skyrocket. Over the past 20 years, health insurance costs are up 500% yet household salaries are up only 15%. Every year, working America gets demoted at Christmas time when health insurance costs go up more than salary raises for the next year.

I have watched the stress and frustration of patients who can no longer afford their health care. The result is physical and financial devastation due to a broken, rigged healthcare system was in need of a trusted solution to empower every health care consumer, including you.  So I took my medical, medical billing and medical business background and simplified a complex billing system, making it easy for you to save money. Now you can search and compare medical care costs before you buy your care.

Pratter was created to fight for your right to known medical pricing. This referred to as medical cost transparency. Known pricing creates smart shopping. Known pricing also creates competition. And with competition, the consumer wins every time with lower prices.There is an unexplainable variation by $100s to $1,000s for the exact same medical care in the same city in the same insurance network. In other words, in-network pricing variation for care does not protect you as a health care consumer. Surprise medical bills should not exist.  

Our goal at Pratter is to create affordable access to care for everyone. We are helping millions save billions on medical care.